What Is Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder

What is Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder?

When anything is labelled as organic, it indicates that the production techniques did not use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics. The horrifying reality about the food manufacturing sector is that they employ any or all of these compounds, which offer major health hazards to consumers, particularly concerning items derived from animals. It is especially true regarding products like meat and dairy. The number of people in the world and the demand for animal products has increased the administration of antibiotics and growth hormones. The cramped and overcrowded conditions in some of the farms create an environment conducive to the spread of infection and sickness among the animals. Antibiotics are an efficient method for combating the spread of these illnesses. Growth hormones, as their name suggests, hasten the development of the animals, allowing them to meet the ever-increasing demand for their products.

When animals are subjected to the chemicals and toxins being discussed, those substances are taken in through the bones and into the marrow. When making bone broth, the bones, as well as the added vegetables and herbs, are broken down during the cooking process. If low-quality ingredients are used, the breakdown of these components results in the release of harmful substances into the broth, which is then consumed by those who drink the broth. It should be no surprise that antibiotic resistance is also on the rise. Bone Broth is home to some of the most delicious beef bone broth in Melbourne.

Even animals who are only fed grass and are raised on conventional farms run the risk of being poisoned by the chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides that are sprayed on the pastures where they are raised. In addition, lead toxicity is increased in animals exposed to water and soil from farms that are not organic. Headaches, stunted growth, behavioural issues, learning challenges and a lack of energy are some side effects that can emerge from prolonged lead exposure in high enough doses. Because avoiding all forms of toxins is crucial, this is even more important for those drinking bone broth to help cure specific health issues such as autoimmunity and allergies. Therefore, avoiding toxins of any kind is essential.

Animals that are allowed to live out their natural lives have the healthy GOOD BONES that are necessary to make the most flavorful and beneficial bone broth imaginable.

In the past, people used every part of the animals they ate. It was done out of respect for the lives of the animals as well as an effort to obtain the maximum amount of nutrients for themselves. They accomplished this in many ways, one of which was to slowly cook the remaining bones, cartilage and ligaments for many hours.

The bones and tissues are broken down during this procedure in order to extract the nutrients that can only be found in these portions of the animal. These nutrients include vitamins and minerals that are not present in the muscle meat on its own. For example, when you look through older cookbooks, you’ll find that many recipes for soup and sauce call for bone broth. It is done so that the soup or sauce has more protein, flavour, and thickness.

We at Natural Force are proud to carry on this healthy tradition while also providing a flexible powdered option that is designed to accommodate your active lifestyle.

In recent times, it seems like everyone, from celebrities to health professionals, is talking about the benefits of drinking bone broth for glowing skin, losing weight and maintaining healthy joints. Organic bone broth protein powder is just what your esthetician and your physician have prescribed for you if you have found yourself thinking that you would love to try it but that the process of boiling bone broth seems daunting.

What is Bone Broth Protein?

Easy and simple to understand, bone broth protein comes in the form of a powder that is concentrated bone broth protein. If you are familiar with Dr Axe, then you may already be familiar with the protein powders he produces. Dr Josh Axe is recognized as a pioneer in bone broth protein. Dr Axe is responsible for bringing these goods to market as part of his Ancient Nutrition product line, which you can find in several forms on the shelves of health food stores.

These protein powders made from bone broth boost muscle recovery and promote gut health because they comply with the paleo and keto diets and contain a high concentration of collagen and amino acids.

Do you want to know whether or not this powder will give your smoothies a chicken flavour? (yes, we are too). The good news is that the flavour is perceived positively by most drinkers. In addition, if you are concerned about flavour, flavoured variations, such as chocolate and vanilla, can give your protein shake a wonderful flavour boost.

An everyday routine that’s anything but

Make a cup of our Organic Bone Broth in the afternoon for a pick-me-up or to help you relax at the end of the day. Restore your energy after your workout at the gym. Or, when you’re feeling under the weather, curl up beneath a warm blanket with a mug of something healthy.

Try Bone Broth with some freshly chopped herbs as a healthy midday snack. Then, recharge your batteries with a satisfying bowl of one of our brand-new soups made with bone broth. Each serving contains between 7 and 10 grams of protein and is full of flavour.

When cooking rice, lentils, pasta or mashed potatoes, substitute bone broth for the water called for in the recipe. Bring out the full flavour of your homemade soups, stir-fries and other recipes with a low and slow cooking method.

Benefits of Bone Broth Protein Powder

If you are having trouble with your gut health and are looking for a new protein powder to add to your post-workout smoothie, bone broth protein might be an excellent choice for you, and I will explain why.

It is common knowledge that drinking bone broth can benefit folks struggling with digestive health concerns. And let’s face it: we could all use a digestive health tune-up now and again. In addition, it is believed that it can help seal the small tight junctions in your gut, which can be quite beneficial for people who suffer from the leaky gut syndrome.

Collagen, abundant in bone broth, can help support the gut lining, reduce inflammation and support skin suppleness. Bone broth also contains a lot of gelatin (hello, youthful-looking skin).

But what if you don’t have the time to create a batch of soup, or if the broth itself isn’t something you particularly enjoy? Believe us when we say that you are not alone because committing to preparing bone broth weekly can be very time-demanding. But on the other hand, bone broth protein can provide the same health advantages to your body as traditional bone broth without requiring you to block out time in your schedule to prepare it.

Including this protein powder in your diet strikes the ideal balance between the ease of use of a convenient food and the pleasure of consuming something that is beneficial to one’s general health.

It has been demonstrated that drinking bone broth can help heal leaky gut, reducing certain digestive difficulties and nutritional malabsorption. It is just one of the many benefits of drinking bone broth. Additionally, it is fantastic for enhancing joint health, fighting allergies and strengthening the immune system.

The broth has a high concentration of collagen. Collagen is the body’s most prevalent protein, and a type of amino acid called a long-chain amino acid. Collagen is what gives the skin its elasticity, what gives the hair its strength, and what gives connective tissue its capacity to hold everything in place. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies produce less natural collagen. The body’s capacity to make collagen can be hindered by various modern lifestyle conditions, including stress, poor food, compromised gut health and hormonal imbalances.

As a component of the post-recovery performance nutrition plan athletes should follow, bone broth is an excellent choice. Our broth is perfect for a post-game recovery, a long run, or other types of physical activities since it is deeply nutritious, helps muscles recover and is rich in minerals and electrolytes. It is imperative that one’s joints be healthy and that their digestion is in check to participate in any activity that requires endurance.

You can break down the collagen into three distinct categories. Organic bone broth protein powder has all three types: Organic bone broth protein powder has all three types:

  • types I and III, which are excellent for the skin, hair and bones;
  • type II, which assists in maintaining healthy cartilage and bones.


  • Skin: Hyaluronic acid, which it contains, is responsible for maintaining the moisture and youthful appearance of the skin.
  • Joints: The hyaluronic acid, glucosamine and chondroitin that are contained in bone broth help to keep joints lubricated and minimize joint pain.
  • Immunity: Immunity Bone broth’s anti-inflammatory properties can help lower the severity of cold symptoms while simultaneously providing your body with the easily absorbable nutrients it needs to heal.
  • Exercise recovery: The essential amino acids included in bone broth protein can help athletes recover from their workouts more quickly.
  • Sleep: The amino acid glycine, which is included in bone broth, has been shown to improve sleep quality and make people feel exhausted during the day.
  • Diabetes: Glycine can also alleviate some of the signs and symptoms of diabetes, a benefit for people with diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular health: Glycine’s positive effects on cardiovascular health include the potential to reduce the risk of heart attacks. Glycine assists the body in the absorption of minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium. It also helps to improve mineral absorption.
  • Digestive health: Gelatin can help prevent ulcers and amino acids enhance the lining of the digestive tract.
  • Detox: The protein in our organic bone broth provides the three amino acids (cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine) that are required to generate glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant. There are no GMOs or pesticides in the protein in our bone broth.
  • Weight loss: Because each serving contains 20 grams of protein, you won’t experience the blood sugar spikes and drops that might lead to excessive eating. Instead, you’ll feel full longer and eat less overall.

The Differences: What Sets Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder Apart

Bone broth, whether it be the kind you prepare at home or buy from the store, should be piping hot, rich in nutrients and consumed with gusto. Because of the amino acid profile, vitamins and minerals that it contains, nutrient-dense organic bone broth is highly recommended by everyone from your grandmother to the most well-known health guru. Extra credit for managing to stay hydrated despite the additional liquid!

So, why would we change a good thing?

Organic Bone Broth Powder is Quick

It takes time to make a bone broth that is of good quality. Spending time at the supermarket. Time preparation. And hours spent with the pot on the burner at a low simmer. But, you may now enjoy all of the health advantages of bone broth in the convenient form of a powder that can be used in various recipes.

Organic Bone Broth Powder is Convenient

Add bone broth powder from organic bones to soups, stews or smoothies. You don’t have time to grab a bite to eat after your workout or in between your meetings, do you? A delicious meal with protein and other essential nutrients may be made simply by mixing the powder with water. Are you interested in beef bone broth? No need to look any further! You won’t have any problems using Bone Broth.

Organic Bone Broth Powder is Versatile

Now, soups aren’t the only thing that can benefit from using bone broth. You have a choice between savory and sweet flavors with options like chocolate, vanilla and turmeric, in addition to the unflavored variety. These organic bone broth powders provide a method to acquire all of the advantages of bone broth in a variety of flavours, making them an appealing option for those of you who are hesitant to try bone broth or who are already aware that you do not enjoy the flavour. You don’t like soup, do you? You should try a smoothie made with chocolate bone broth powder.

With Organic Bone Broth Powder, You Know Exactly What You’re Getting

It is widely known for the excellent amino acid profile and other nutritious content that bone broth possesses. The main drawback to the conventional form is that it is impossible to anticipate what you will receive. We are certain that it contains a significant amount of glycine that heals the gut, but how can you be sure?

Each scoop contains 20 grams of clean protein, equivalent to the amount of protein you would get from drinking two and a half cups of homemade bone broth. Additionally, each scoop has zero grams of fat, carbohydrates or sugar.

Natural Force Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder is a supplement that helps promote gut, skin, hair, nail, joints, and bone health. It is made entirely of bones and meat from a grass-fed cow and contains a whole spectrum of naturally occurring collagen. In addition to this, it possesses all nine essential amino acids, cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine, which are nutrients that are difficult to obtain from other protein sources. And indeed, each of those things you can find on the label!

The Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder is the same delicious bone broth that you are familiar with and enjoy, but it has been enhanced to correspond with the needs and preferences of modern living.


First things first, let’s talk about collagen supplements. You have most likely come across the terms “collagen peptides” or “hydrolysed” collagen. Nevertheless, these terms refer to the same: a powdered form of collagen taken from bovine hides (cow skin) and not bones.

After being cleansed and immersed in an alkaline or acidic solution – commonly a lime slurry pit –the animal hides are then boiled to remove the collagen. After being extracted, the collagen undergoes the processes of evaporation, concentration and drying in drum driers before being pulverised to produce the powdered form of collagen. (IT IS IMPORTANT: information regarding the ingredients and processing of any collagen powder or supplement should be easily available on the manufacturer’s website).

How is Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder Made?

To begin the process, we do it the same way that people have done it for thousands of years: slowly cook the bones to extract the nutrients. After that, we dehydrate the bone broth, creating a powder that can be quickly and easily rehydrated into either broth or a shake. That’s right—bone, the dehydrated broth! There are no fillers or additions that aren’t necessary for this process.

Also, don’t forget to make your purchases organic. Bone broth prepared from animals bred using normal methods may contain antibiotics, pesticides or herbicides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), hormones and other potentially dangerous elements you do not want to be ingested. The organic bone broth powder that we provide has an excellent and pristine flavour, and it dissolves entirely when mixed with liquid.

How to Use Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder?

The Natural Force Organic Bone Broth Protein contains truly dehydrated bone broth, which originates from flesh and bones as opposed to cowhides, as do some other bone broth powders. As a result, you will receive an increased quantity of important amino acids, vitamins and minerals. At Bone Broth, we carry a wide variety of the best beef bone broth.

There are plenty of ways to add extra nutrient density into your day thanks to the fact that this product comes in four flavours: chocolate, vanilla, turmeric and unflavored. The following is a short list of the applications for organic bone broth powder:

  • Make use of the unflavored and turmeric alternatives as a vitamin and mineral-rich complement to foods like homemade veggie burgers, rice dishes and stews.
  • Baked dishes, puddings, pancakes, porridge, or smoothies can benefit from adding bone broth protein powder, which comes in either vanilla or chocolate flavour.

To make a simple protein shake or a hot mug of comforting broth, all that’s required is the addition of hot or cold water, depending on your preference.

The organic bone broth protein powder is a convenient way to enhance the nutritional value of your food by including even more vitamins, minerals and potent amino acids. This supplement is a simple and adaptable powder that eliminates the need to spend several hours simmering bone broth on the stovetop.

Have you ever tried protein made from organic bone broth? Tell us in the comments how it went!

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