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Technically our Broths are gluten free, preservative free, hormone free, and antibiotic free.  We are however, not “certified” gluten free because our broths are produced in a facility that handles wheat.  If someone is severely allergic to gluten, we recommend they avoid our products to be 100% safe.

The philosophy behind eating paleo is based on the idea that our bodies are “meant” to be fuelled in the same way our most primal ancestors ate. Their diets involved eating only plant life that grew naturally in their environment and animal proteins that resulted from hunting or scavenging.

Very briefly, Keto is a way of eating that involves having a very high percentage of you daily calories coming from healthier fats (up to 80%), and the majority of the rest of your calories from protein. Eating keto means eating very little to no carbohydrates in an effort to convert your body fat into ketones which your body can use for fuel instead of the carbohydrates it would normally use. Boned broths would be considered a food that can be a part of the Keto diet.

Collagen fibers are literally the building blocks of your body.  Collagen makes up your bones, your muscles, your joint surfaces, your vessels, and even your skin.  As we age, collagen breaks down.  That breakdown leads to everything from heart disease and osteoarthritis to wrinkles in the skin and stiff muscles.  Research has shown that supplementation with collagen can have countless health benefits to slow this process and in some cases, reverse the effects.  The collagen protein and amino acids it is comprised of have been shown to help with:

  • Inflammation
  • Injuries to soft tissues (ligaments, muscles, tendons)
  • Food allergies/sensitivities
  • Digestive disorders (like leaky gut)
  • Wrinkles
  • Bone density

Our Bone Broth range is made from organic chicken or grass fed bovine bone so therefore certainly isn’t vegan.

First thing in the morning to support gut health and improve your mood. Taking bone broth in the morning can help kick start your day. A cup of broth in the evening may support detoxification and strengthen your immune system and help get a more restful sleep. Drink broth instead of coffee or tea. Broth can be consumed on its own or with finishers like spices, raw butter, sea salt, pepper, fish sauce or fresh herbs. This will make an energizing hot beverage that many people us as a coffee replacement.

Yes! The culinary range is perfect for giving you additional nutritious flavor to your dishes, by stirring a spoonful of bone broth through your dish while it is cooking. Remember if you need to include water in a recipe exchange it for a cup of bone broth and this can add so much more flavor and value to the recipe.

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