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What is Bone Broth Protein?

Bone broth protein is dehydrated bone broth liquid or bone broth soup. Then the dehydrated liquid is converted into an extremely nutritious, easy-to-use powder. Bone broth protein denotes a concentrated, powdered form of bone broth.

Bone broth consists of tissue, cartilage, marrow and bone from several animals. Broth protein is flexibly made from chicken bone broth, beef bone broth, pork bone broth or even fish bone broth. The majority of commercial bone broth protein powders are made from the tissues and bones of chicken or beef tissue and bones from grass-fed cows. All forms of bone broth protein are devoid of egg, soy and whey protein.

The connective tissue, marrow and bones from animals contain high essential vitamin concentrations. Along with healthy nutrients, bone broth protein is rich in collagen that’s only found in the tissues themselves. Collagen-specific amino acids such as glycine and proline reside in animal bones and tissues in high concentrations, similar to those in human skeletal muscles. Bone Broth has a wide range of the best beef bone broth in Melbourne.

Why Is Bone Broth So Nutritious? 

Is Bone Broth Good For Pregnancy

The vitamins, minerals, and collagen that one gets from bone broth have so many nourishing benefits for the human body that they’re almost too numerous to list. This doesn’t even include the benefits derived from the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) point of view.  Here’s a shortlist of the therapeutic benefits of regularly sipping on nourishing broth:

  • Speed recovery time from injury. Bone broth was a part of Kobe Bryant’s repertoire for staying healthy and bouncing back more quickly when the injury occurred. It’s the amino acids in the broth that help speed recovery and the proteins that help with inflammation. 
  • Improved sleep. Another important part of recovery and a person’s general health is sleep. Bone broth has glycine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which helps a person relax and can improve your quality of sleep thus helping a person to feel less tired. (Raise your hand if you could stand to be more relaxed, get better sleep, and feel less tired!)
  • Regular intake of bone broth can also help heal a person’s gut. It’s the gelatin from the bone broth that elicits this response. Whether you experience symptoms of digestive imbalance like constipation or loose stools, or a more severe condition like leaky gut syndrome, bone broth is a relatively cheap and easy addition to your daily health routine. 
  • Speaking of being fiscally sound, making bone broth is a great way to use up those veggie scraps and other vegetables that you didn’t get around to using. 
  • We’re saving one of the best benefits for last: bone broth can help you look younger and increase the health of your hair, nails, and skin from the collagen extracted via the long cooking method. Collagen is found in many supplements, skin products, and expensive serums and is thought to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It’s a natural smoothing and plumping agent. 

On a side note, many of our patients with joint pain and other similar issues report positive benefits from regular bone broth. This makes sense because of the anti-inflammatory and lubricating properties of bone broth. 

Making bone broth

So how do you make bone broth? It’s one of those things that’s actually so simple that we tend to overcomplicate it. The truth is, once you’ve made it a couple of times with different variations you’ll feel the difference and find the method that suits you. To get you started, here’s a quick Q&A:

  • How long does it take to make bone broth? This varies depending on the method (stovetop, crockpot, pressure cooker, etc) and type of bones used. Fishbones need less time than chicken, which needs less time than pork, which needs less time than red meat bones (cow, ox, bison, etc).  The bigger the bones, the longer they need to cook. Some recipes that call for fish bones are finished in as little as a couple of hours, whereas beef bone broth recipes range from 16 hours to 2-3 days.  The longer recipes reflect the time it takes for the bones to become brittle and fall apart to ensure the full extraction of nutrients. 
  • To roast or not to roast? Some people roast the bones before making the broth to enhance colour and richness. Some don’t because they think it might take away from some of the medicinal value. It comes down to a matter of taste, really.
  • Adding an acid. Adding a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice helps to extract calcium and minerals from the bones. It’s crucial to yielding a therapeutic broth. 
  • Skimming. Some people skim regularly during the process to take off the “impurities” and fat that floats up during cooking. You can probably get away with just doing this at the end. Some people like a clearer broth and some like a more cloudy broth.  If you source good quality, organic, free-range, grass-fed bones then skimming is a minor issue.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Bone Broth?

Important For Bone Health

Don’t reach for your calcium supplement if you’re trying to combat weak and brittle bones. Collagen, the major protein found in bone broth, gives our bones elasticity, while calcium makes bones harder. If you overdo it with the calcium and don’t consume enough collagen, your bones are more likely to snap since they’ll have less to give to them. We need plenty of collagen to protect our bones.

Bone broth contains high levels of the amino acid glycine, and we can only obtain the majority of the glycine our bodies need through our food. We are most deficient in this amino acid, yet glycine is the most important amino acid building block of collagen in our bones and is incredibly important for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis.

Important For Healthy Joints

Bone broth contains bones that are rich in cartilage and this cartilage is important for joint health. Articular cartilage is the cushion between our joints to prevent the bones from rubbing up against one other, wearing them down.

Articular cartilage (such as that found in homemade bone broth) is made of chondrocyte cells that secrete the shock-absorbing extracellular matrix of the cartilage. This extracellular matrix is made up of collagen, glycosaminoglycans (such as hyaluronic acid and glucosamine), and proteoglycans (such as chondroitin sulphate). These components of cartilage are specifically critical for maintaining the integrity of joints, as well as keeping the joints lubricated and cushioned.

When the cartilage in our joints breaks down, nothing but the building blocks of cartilage can restore it and bone broth is the perfect remedy for such damaged and/or inflamed joints.

It makes sense that if you need to replace damaged joint tissue (a turnover process that is actually constantly occurring in our joints, that you should eat joint tissue so that the building blocks are available to your body for restoration.

The collagen in the bone broth even helps to soothe the pain from joint inflammation and actually blocks the degradation of collagen that is a result of rheumatoid arthritis. Collagen can also help prevent the degradation of chondrocytes, which are important for maintaining healthy joint cartilage (17). And the chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine that’s found in bone broth is helpful for relieving pain as well as restoring function to damaged joints. In fact, these compounds are actually as effective as the prescription drug, Celebrex, for treating affected joints. And the pill form is not as effective for this as having the natural, real deal, bone broth, folks.

Important For Healthy Immune System Function

Bone broth contains high amounts of amino acid glycine, which is known to be an antiseptic and can combat dangerous bacteria like H. pylori. Glycine is also important for fighting inflammation throughout the body by blocking the synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines (particles made by cells to increase immune responses/inflammation). Basically, glycine aids in keeping the immune system functioning properly.

Bone broth can decrease the number of migrating immune cells (specifically, neutrophils), which results in decreased inflammation. This may account for why you feel better after drinking warm broth when you’re under the weather.

The glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans in bone broth can ameliorate inflammation associated with autoimmune issues. Not only does bone broth have important building blocks for helping to block inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but it also may decrease inflammation associated with multiple sclerosis (MS) too. The chondroitin sulphate that’s present in the extracellular matrix of our joints is also present in our neurons and actually decreases the degradation of the neurons in an animal model of MS.

Important For A Healthy Gut

Our intestines are lined with tightly apposed epithelial cells that only take in properly digested particles from our intestines via their finger-like projections, called microvilli. These microvilli from the tips of the epithelial cells and face the interior of the gut. The properly digested particles enter our bloodstream to go serve their functions within our bodies.

Leaky gut occurs when the tight junctions between epithelial cells are compromised, allowing microbes and incompletely digested food particles to leak through the now weak intestinal wall lining, making their way into the bloodstream, where the immune system finds them and initiates an immune response. This results in inflammation. Check out our Melbourne best chicken bone broth here. 

When your gut allows incompletely digested food particles to pass through and into the bloodstream, you are also not getting the full nutritional benefits from your food. The reason is that before you’re able to completely break down the food to absorb it properly, the leaky gut has already allowed the passage of it into your bloodstream. This results in nutritional deficiencies, commonly seen with those who suffer from celiac disease.

Important For Healthy Skin, Hair, & Nails

The best skincare and haircare secret that will save you all the $$$ is that what you put IN your body is going to work SO much better than what you put ON your body.

The only way to truly help your skin is to nourish it with the building blocks it needs to renew, replenish, and restore itself. And the only way to do that is by eating REAL food. Bone broth will deliver a punch of goodies for your skin.

Bone Broth Recipe Chicken
Bone Broth Recipe Chicken

Hyaluronic acid, which is a glycosaminoglycan that’s found in high concentrations in bone broth, is what draws more water to skin cells to help make our skin plump, resilient, and youthful. Consuming glycosaminoglycans have also been shown to reduce skin roughness and wrinkles.

Collagen consumption helps the skin in so many ways. It improves skin elasticity, protects against UV damage, reduces wrinkles and increases the repair of the connective tissue in the skin.

In other words, bone broth is anti-aging. Plain and simple.

You can use all the skincare products in the world, slather them all over your face, and it’s not going to do much of anything until you help your skin from within. It’s like a bandaid—just because the bandaid is there doesn’t mean the wound isn’t. Your body needs to heal the wound from within, using its own building blocks to grow new skin cells. Why do we have a million skincare products that we can’t stop buying? Well for as long as skincare companies can’t deliver a product that actually stops the aging process, we’re going to keep forking over our hard-earned money in hopes of finding “the one”. Sounds like a good deal for the skincare companies!

And since collagen is so important for healthy skin, you can imagine that having healthy skin on your scalp would give you stronger, healthier hair follicles, which is probably pretty important if you are looking to get thick locks of beautiful hair and want to prevent thinning.

In addition to this, collagen is rich in the amino acid proline, which is the main component for the production of keratin—the protein from which our hair and nails are made.

I’ve been drinking bone broth pretty often over the past 6 months and have noticed that my hair and nails are growing incredibly rapidly. It makes sense since I’ve been providing my body with the building blocks it needs to synthesize more keratin.

Important For Replenishing The Body’s Electrolytes

Electrolytes are simply minerals that are dissolved in the fluids of our bodies, making them positively or negatively charged ions.

Bone broth is plentiful in electrolytes that include calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, and magnesium.

And these electrolytes are vital for our cells to function properly. They keep us hydrated, regulate our nerve and muscle function, and balance our body’s pH level.

If you take calcium pills, my own experience with them may be of some interest to you. When I was in college, I used to get intense muscle spasms in my calf (AKA charlie horse) and they happened every day, multiple times a day. I knew I was depleting my calcium stores because I was on a specific medication that is known to do so (it was a corticosteroid anti-inflammatory to help treat my rheumatoid arthritis). I started taking ALL the calcium supplements, including drinking liquid calcium supplements, since it’s supposed to be better absorbed this way. None of that worked. At all. My calves just wouldn’t let up. And the science shows that calcium supplements do NOT work and they actually double your risk of a heart attack! YIKES.

One evening while eating some chicken that my mother had prepared for dinner, I had this sudden urge and craving to eat the ends of the chicken leg bone. So I did. The next day, NO charlie horse! At all! So I continued to get my calcium this old fashioned way of consuming bones and my calf spasms completely disappeared. Everyone would always toss me their old chicken bones after they’ve eaten all the meat (so weird, right?). While I don’t really chomp on chicken leg bones anymore, I rely on bone broth for my calcium. It’s the natural and healthy way to get it in, without worrying about the risks of supplementation.

What’s The Difference Between Stock And Bone Broth

Bone Broth is a delicious, full-flavoured liquid made by simmering bones, aromatic vegetables and herbs for a long time.  Most bone broths use a bit of cider vinegar, most stocks use tomato paste, either way, there is an acidic component.  Both use “knuckle” cartilage-rich joints and marrow-rich long bones.

So why the hype?  Bone Broth is being declared the best thing since sliced bread (actually if you watch the #Paleo crowd, it is being called much better than sliced bread).  The reason is simple: What we chefs have taken for granted for years as the foundation of a well-built kitchen, hasn’t been available to the home cook since the ’60s.  Home cooks have only had a few canned choices at the market and those are laden with sodium and not much else.

Quick history lesson — Whole carcasses of animals were shipped across the country by rail. In the early ’70s, the American highway system improved and, soon after, refrigerated trucking was born.  Every town had a butcher, and most restaurants had a butcher department.  Everyone had bones to either toss or cook with.  Home cooks could readily get beef and pork bones from their own butcher and they were cheap too. Bone Broth has a wide range of the best bone broth recipes in Melbourne. 

When refrigerated trucking was prevalent, it became common, and made more sense, to cut up the beef and pork carcasses at a central plant and then ship the meat in boxes and boxes stack neatly!  This represented one of the single most fundamental shifts in American gastronomy.  In my humble opinion.  Prior to that, meat was largely egalitarian.  Sure the rich people ate tenderloin, but tenderloin only represents a small percentage of beef.  The restaurant still had to serve EVERYTHING else.  Suddenly, with box meat, you could buy a case of tenderloins.  Restaurants could specialize in that rarefied 1% of the animal leaving the remaining 99%, where?  For other socioeconomic classes to deal with.  Suddenly everything was viewed on a sliding scale.  Bones being at the bottom.

What Is Organic Bone Broth Protein Powder

Didn’t take long before bones were discarded or turned into pet food by the majority of slaughterhouses.  Butchers around the country hung up their knives and the supermarket “meat cutter” was born.  This has historically been seen as progress.  However, many things have been lost along the way to our modern meat dystopia; bone broth is one of them.  Without bones readily available, home cooks had to turn to make their soups, sauces, and stews from manufactured “stock”.  With nothing to compete with, industrial giants turned out salty liquids with only a modicum of bone flavour, very little nutrition, and zero gelatin.  These quasi-bone broths were cooked with a minimum quantity of bones and for minimal time and always available at the market in the can or tetra-pak.  Regrettably, this then, salty, flavourless insipid swill is what has been used to make the gravy for many turkeys on the Thanksgiving holiday table.  Fear not!  We are brewing up an alternative that grandma would approve of!

The modern Bone Broth movement offers a radical alternative.  Finding an amazing rancher is actually kind of easy here in the Pacific Northwest.  We are blessed with an abundance of them ranging in size.  The hard part is finding a slaughterhouse that will agree to not throw the bones away but rather treat them as food, not trash and most importantly– guarantee that they aren’t mixed with other factory-farmed bones. This takes a lot of time and relationship building to secure a steady supply of sustainably and humanely raised bones from small to mid-sized family farms. 

These gorgeous bones are then simmered just long enough to extract all of the flavorful, nutrient-dense collagen and then brightened with fresh aromatics, veggies and herbs.  Remember, we never add salt!  We do recommend salting your bone broth when sipping or using it in a reduction for sauces or gravies etc.

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